Lottery Review - Lion888

Lion888 - Online Lottery

Lion888 is Thai lottery draw 2 times/month High commission 2D commission 28%; 3D commission 33% High Payout , 2D pay 70; 3D pay 550. Easy to access and friendly interface with minimum bet only 10THB

Special can betting until 15.00 Hrs while other site are not allow ! Easy to know which number reach or almost reach the limit by our limit panel.

Can check lottery results in member site. Also can join for partner with maximum share and maximum discount !

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Lion888 – Homepage
Online lottery Easy to join easy to bet Anytime anywhere can login and bet until last second of draw time !


Lion888– Table betting
Online lottery with friendly interface. The betting panel will show you everything you need to help you win the BIG prize !


Lion888- Bet list outstanding
Online lottery after placed your bet. Can recheck what your bet and how many your bet that will make sure for your lucky of the day.

Lion888 – History Report
Online lottery each draw time your can check back your statement for last 4 draw time to help you summary result for next draw time.


Lion888 – Lottery Result
After draw number your can check result in here immediately no need to buy newspaper or check from any other sit.