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HAPPYDAY88 – Online Lao lottery

The lottery or Lotto online is the popular game in Asia.Happyday88 provide you Online Lao lottery betting with high standard system.

High & Fast payout , secure sytem and reliable.The draw result every Tuesday and Friday 2 times per week / 8 times per month. High commission 3D 33% , 2D 28% Minimum bet only 10 Bath.

Website Happyday88 is the same Owner with ballstep2 and Lion888 Online Thai lottery , with these name we can guarantee the best system and service for you.

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HAPPYDAY88 – Homepage
Online lottery Easy to join easy to bet Anytime anywhere can login and bet until last second of draw time !


HAPPYDAY88 – Table betting
Online lottery with friendly interface. The betting panel will show you everything you need to help you win the BIG prize !


HAPPYDAY88 – Bet list
Online lottery after placed your bet. Can recheck what your bet and how many your bet that will make sure for your lucky of the day.

HAPPYDAY88 – Statement
Online lottery each draw time your can check back your statement for last 4 draw time to help you summary result for next draw time.


HAPPYDAY88 – Lottery Result
After draw number your can check result in here immediately no need to buy newspaper or check from any other site.