About Us
Galaxy388 which started its business in 2008 is an online casino, online sports betting and Lottery Company. It is a multi-branded Asian-based remote gambling operator focused primarily on offering sports betting products, peer to peer and casino games and services for certain European and Asia Pacific markets through several brands. We currently operate in 2 locations which are Lucky89 Casino, Prey Vor, Cambodia and Genting casino Poipet, Cambodia. Poipet, Cambodia has many casinos and sports betting outlet whereby it is situated at the border of Cambodia and Thailand. This makes it for Thais to visit this area as it is just few meters away from the border. Our main customer base is Khmer, Thais, Malaysians, Indonesians and Chinese. We are looking to expand into more countries soon.

Online casino is the main area of business. It offers a range of websites for customers to choose from. Different websites offers different games. However, most websites do have the popular games which gamblers like to play. Galaxy388 offers one of its kind live table online casinos. Deal from a reliable and trusted licensed casino named Lucky89 casino, Cambodia. This means the online casino customers is actually placing their bets following the live table which an actual person is betting in the casino. The difference is this online casino is placing the bets at other place rather then in the actual table in the casino. Among the websites we have is as below:
1) Sbocasino
2) Genting Club
3) Gclub
4) 12Macau
5) Kwin88
6) Golden666
7) Holiday-Palace
8) Royal Hill

All the websites above are the most popular among our players. It also offers many types of games listed below:
1) Baccarat
2) Blackjack
3) Fan-Tan
4) Roulette
5) Tai-Sai

Sports betting are also popular among gamblers in Cambodia. Mainly players bet on games such as football, basketball and badminton. Galaxy388 offers different websites for gamblers to choose from. Below is the list:
1) Ibet789
2) 108win
3) 3M
4) CMDbet
5) WinningFT
6) Ballstep2
7) Sbobet
8) Ibcbet
9) Afb88

Galaxy388 also offers Vietnam and Thai lotteries. Throughout these years, collection from lotteries has been very encouraging.

An Asia Pacific market has grown throughout these years in the gaming industry. More and more gaming and sports betting outlets emerge due to the demand and huge customer base. Galaxy388 seeks to surpass mere compliance with applicable legislation and guidelines provided by the remote gambling authorities and continue to be a socially responsible remote gambling operator.

Galaxy388 has been one of the most trusted and reliable online company in Cambodia.