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Genting Club – Online Casino

Live dealer from one of popular casino in Poipet , Genting Crown Casino.

Genting Crown Casino is well known around poipet area , this can attract many players to play with them especially anyone who love to play baccarat , Since Genting Crown Resort and Royal Hill Resort online casinos have merged, so there are more tables to try your luck on, not just only baccarat other Asian popular games like Fan Tan , Tai Sai , Roulette are also available for this online casino.

System is easy to use and suit for all user level.

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Genting Club – Home page
Online Casino live from poipet many Asian popular games like Baccarat ,Fan Tan , Tai Sai. Can access direct through web or download program to your computer.


Genting Club - Online Casino
Many tables from 3 Location Cambodia,Lao,Vietnam to try your luck on all can select from lobby with separate casino section.


Genting Club – Baccarat
Most Asian popular game. The rule is simple , which said have more point then win the game.

Genting Club - Fantan
Another popular online casino game. Randomly pick some amount of coins or beans then divide by 4 each set until the last piece.


Genting Club - Tai Sai
Dealer will shake the dices then player have to guess what’s the number inside. Can bet total dices accumulate (Big/Small) , one of a kind . two of a kind , three of a kind and many more.