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vG Club – Online Casino

A well know online casino for Asian players. G-Club by live dealer from Poipet resort casino ,Cambodia. Many players try their luck at this casino but casino not only at Poipet. Now you can play online casino from your house link direct to casino.

The casino reputation and variety of games can attract may players.The games including Baccarat Tai Sai , Roulette , Fan Tan , Dragon Tiger and Slots.

Operating hours :
22 hours and 30 minutes on normal day (1 hour and 30 minutes break:10:30 am to 12:00 noon, Thai local time)
19 hours and 30 minutes on Monday (4 hours and 30 minutes break, 10:30 am to 3:00 pm, Thai local time)

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G Club – Home page
Online casino system and casino reputation. Can enjoy direct through the site or download game to your computer.


G Club - Online Casino
Casino lobby have many functions to select as you wish more than 10 tables waiting your to betting.


G Club - Baccarat
Baccarat tables with friendly interface. Many players love this simple style and they can easily win by just look at the score board.

G Club - Roulette
Roulette the game that decide by just a little white ball. Pick you favorites number and hope for the luck to be on your side.


G Club - Slots
With many kind of slots make G-club one of the best sites for any player who love to play slots more than 300 machines !