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Citibet – Horse Racing

Bet with confidence with Asia’s leading online horse betting exchange. User can bet for or against an outcome with another user

Live broadcasting function , you will not miss any chance Choose the odds you want to Play. Anytime , Anywhere.

Horse racing,Dog Racing from either location from around the world all is real live and match start every 10 minute

The site accept currency MYR and minimum bet begin from 5RM and system also allow for your sell or buy ticket for which horse your like or love them Enjoy now then you will never forget Citibet.net

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CitiBet – Homepage
Member can login by here www.citibet.net and all information or Holine service, News etc. and all is best secure for you.


CitiBet – Dog Racing
Most popular racing that you can not miss that is Dog racing or call Gray hound so funny and so excite you can try anytime for your lucky dog.


CitiBet – Mode select
Choose your desire mode:

SG Mode – Based on the number of tickets times x price
HK Mode – Based on the percentage of ticket value Your ratchet by minimum bet only 10THB.

CitiBet – Interface
User interface – From here you can see all information about betting and you can choose to bet or eat ticket of other player here


CitiBet – Live broadcast
Live broadcast for all match.You can watch all of racing just by select channel from your left hand side.